Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I actually have done the "What's In My Bag" post after all. The last time I did something similar was for the make-up products I used a year ago. Since I've gotten a request a little over 7 months back (sorry for the delay), here are the items that you will find if you go through my bag -- and no that doesn't give anyone the freedom of doing so without my permission, but I will still usually go for it since I trust you. :*

1: Tissue. I usually bring wet wipes -- my excuse? I wasn't able to buy one recently. Ladies! Every one of you should have this. 

2: Mouthwash. (Almost empty huhu) I'm trying to stay away from mints since they're apparently bad for your teeth. ugh

3: Aeropostale speakers I bought back in Vancouver. They are perfect! It produces the clearest and the loudest beats yet. I don't know how an apparel brand  made this but well, they did! And it cost me a nifty 16 bucks. I'm not sure if they have this here though. Check it out for yourselves :)

4: Hair Ties. My hair gets all tangled up during the middle of the day, so I use these tiny fellas.

5: Aldo glasses. Just because.

6: H&M shades, a gift from Aidx Paredes. 

7: Crayola highlighters. Random fact: I love doodling and highlighting stuff when I'm bored in class. haha

8: Estee Lauder kikay kit. What's inside? Pond's BB cream which in my opinion, is the best affordable BB Cream in the market today;  Burt's Bees and Chapstick lip balms, oil blot sheets, Maybelline concealer which I will talk about later, and a Revlon balm stain. 

9: NBS planner. Which I creatively turned into a notebook. ahahaha

10: Goody hairbrush.

11: Dorothy Perkins wallet a gift from Dorothy Perkins. 

12: Staedtler pens. <3 Like I said, for doodling.

13: Bath and Body Works cologne. Only used recently. I don't mind buying cheap colognes. I also happen to love Bench's too. :)

14:Ipad mini -- which will eventually die of shame. Battered and broken beyond repair.

From left to right: Revlon ColorStay in Couture, MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Russian Red, Revlon lip butter in Wild Watermelon
Below: Revlon Just Bitten Lip balm + stain and Chapstick

When it comes to lipsticks, lip balms or lipstains I get absolutely particular. They're either MAC, Revlon, Chapstick, or Burt's Bees. I usually don't stray away from these brands because I've already formed a bond between them. Charot. But seriously speaking though, they will never fail you. I also tried Nars as well and they are extremely fantastic on my fucked up lips. My favorite out of these is the Revlon lip butter -- the color is everything in my life right now. LOL

Maybelline The Falsies mascara, Revlon Lash Potion

My eyelash extensions suck. They fall easily, I hate it. I should've gone to Browhaus for my lashes instead. Now I only have is regret. Anyway, enough about the ranting, here are my favorite mascaras as of late. You may have noticed by now that I use a lot of drugstore makeup brands. I am obsessed with loitering around the makeup stations in department stores and the like. haha! Yes, I'm one of those girls. I think it's wonderful that they're cheap yet long lasting. I used to buy expensive mascaras from Estee Lauder's and Dior's but that's the thing of the past. I learned how to be practical now. :)

Maybelline Age Rewind concealer and L'Oreal MagicLumi concealer

They work just fine. The Maybelline looks yellow-ish when applied but it blends in once it settles. I want to buy the K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer though. I heard it's the best one out there.

Shu Uemura skin purifier, Estee Lauder makeup remover 

I use them in intervals. haha I'm kinda OC you see.

Clinique moisturizing lotion, Celeteque moisturizer 

Okay, here's the thing: when I'm in a much cooler climate I use Clinique and when I'm in the tropics I use Celeteque. But if you plan to buy moisturizer any time soon, I recommend Celeteque. My face doesn't get oily that much. This + Pond's BB Cream = perfect skin. I'm not even kidding.

Neutrogena alcohol-free toner, Clinique clarifying lotion, Pond's deep cleansing facial foam, St. Ives Apricot scrub 

I use St. Ives thrice a week, I haven't gotten so much pimples ever since. I cleanse with Pond's since it makes my pores look smaller for some reason. Make sure you're not hiyang with Pond's before buying. Your usage history will tell you that.

When it comes to toners, Neutrogena is your best bet since it's alcohol free and delicate on your skin. I also like Clinique's but Neutrogena's is THE ONE.

So there you go. I'm not forcing anyone to buy these okay? :) It just so happens that they do very well on my face so I'm giving you some girl lovin' through these tidbits. Reminders: Prioritize keeping your skin healthy and please do use sunblock and moisturizer. Also, remove all the dirt and makeup from your skin once you get home.
I hope you enjoyed and learned a few things from this post! :)


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