Monday, January 13, 2014

2 Months Too Late

Terranova top | Cotton On shorts | Forever 21 accessories
Sm Dept. Store bag | Sperry topsiders

I'm trying to escape the fact that I managed to gain 15 pounds over the past two months -- that is because I hate exercising to a whole other level, I am obsessed with fast food and I've kept ignoring at how painful it is to suck all my stomach in every time I put on my uniform.

Too add to that, lately, I've found myself so enamored with coffee like it isn't even  a thing. (Sugar, you are killing me). Here's the gist: my arms never get fat, it never goes to my thighs either, if it does it's barely noticeable; but all those sugar, calories and fat go to my face and stomach. My double chin and beach ball tummy can speak for themselves. I tried juicing via Fitness Potions Davao , I lost 2 kilos in 3 days (trust me, theirs are effective); but that's it. I went back to my old, disgusting regimen. I need a health intervention.

I am so in love with my Sperrys. I wear them almost everyday and I don't even care -- they're so comfy and heaven on my feet. <3 Do you know that they have a branch here in Davao? It's in Sm Lanang Premier. They have a wide selection of boat shoes -- any color you can think of! 

Like their page on Facebook for their latest news: SPERRY TOP-SIDER PHILIPPINES


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