Friday, January 17, 2014

A Little Sparkle Wouldn't Hurt

Garage sweater | Forever 21 jeans | Anne Klein watch
Forever 21 cross necklace | Platform sneakers random find from Tokyo

        Temperatures have dropped as of late here in Davao and I've been taking advantage of it. I told my mom how the cold makes me want to stay in bed all day. She asked me what's the temperature, I told her " 24 to 21 degrees Celsius". She laughed at me, told me that that's a typical hot summer's day in Vancouver. "You're such a boast!", I answered back. haha We laughed it all off. Well it has been particularly cold lately. We never get to experience this kind of cold in over 355 days in a year here. So yes, I've been using the weather to its fullest potential, I've been wearing jumpers, sweaters and jeans to school. This sweater you're seeing right now is one of my mom's "gifts" during a day of family Christmas shopping. The funniest thing though, I bought something almost similar a few minutes before she purchased this. haha You will see it soon here. Also, the watch I'm wearing here is a gift from her as well. It's simple yet sophisticated. I love my mom, she knows what I want. Just recently, she sent me pictures of the dress she wanted me to buy online. I grabbed the opportunity and presto, she clicked the "add to cart". I returned the favor and bought her a necklace from a local store. You see, she loves long necklaces so I'm planning to buy her one every week or so -- depends on how much money I have left. Maybe I should just stop the excessive Wintermelon consumption.


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