Friday, January 03, 2014

Matchy Matchy

Aldo cap | Kersh leather top | Gap plaid button down
Aeropostale jeans | Garage backpack | Urban Behavior boots

I'm so sorry for the photos' poor quality, I didn't adjust it beforehand and my mom took the pictures. haha She's not friends with my camera. haha Anyway, I wore this yesterday (with a coat of course). My mom, younger brother and I went to Michael's, Canada's own National Bookstore but even better since they have the most complete stocks I could ever find. They have pastel colored fabric paints, watercolor pens in every variant. Ugh. I wanted to buy them all but they were very expensive. My mom and my brother bought some materials for school materials and baking (sprinkles, coloring for the red velvet cupcakes, icing, etc) while I bought sketching materials for Wilson and two highlighters for me. 

At night, I went out with my good friend Bea, a schoolmate from high school and a Davaoena as well. You may have seen her from my previous posts from last year. So anyway, we went to see a movie and then ate at Mcdonald's. haha It's like Davao all over again but I made sure to buy some poutine because I won't get to eat it again until August. haha

I'm leaving soon. I'm gonna miss this place. :(


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