Monday, December 23, 2013


Forever 21 beanie, denim top, shorts | Scarf bought in Cambodia
 Sm Dept Store bag

Went around Metrotown again today. There were just too many people for us to shop properly. We got lost inside the mall too (we have been there for countless of times already, especially my brother since he lives here in Vancouver ). But yeah, there were just too many people. I completely understand since it's almost Christmas and the much awaited Boxing Day. People are out in hopes of the earliest sales. H&M had a lot of items on sale. I bought clothes for my mom, myself and my boyfriend. haha I also bought a neon orange Nine West sling bag that was on sale as well. 

What ruined my day was my go-to store Urban Behavior. There were posters placed all over the shoe section, " Buy 1 Get 1" and below that was "$15".  I went crazy and got two pairs of boots underneath the 15 dollars sign. Great! And then I also got a leather jacket underneath the $15 sign and a sweatshirt under the $10 sign.  I was thinking that everything would amount to $40 plus tax of %15. Must be my lucky day! 

But no. That didn't happen. The sign apparently meant " Buy 1, Get the 2nd pair for $15". So what I got on my hand were the $15 dollar boots and another $35 dollar boots. The leather jacket turned out to be $30 not 15!!! And the sweatshirt was for $18. All in all amounting to $104 dollars with tax.  It was too late to cancel. Diyahe!

I was duped. I will never buy from that store ever again. It sucks cause they're cheap but I got stabbed big time. $40 dollars to $100. It hurts. Lesson learned.

My shopping buddy, my brother Orvi.



  1. You were not duped. You just did not read the sign carefully in your excited anticipation of getting a great deal. That happened to me too, I was careless and missed the part of the limitation of promo. They are actually being clear and explicit in their advertising sign...but you missed the part where it says, "get the 2nd pair at $", What I did, I just told the cashier I didn't want the item, and I was wrong to misunderstand the sign. What you could have done, you could return it if you still have the receipt.Here in the US, you can return any item up to 60 days or even90 days without questions. Even if you don't have the receipt as long as you still have the tag with the barcode, if you do not have the receipt.

    1. They didn't explicitly put "get the 2nd pair at $". The sign said "Buy 1 get 1". That's basically it. It was an ambiguous thing for them to do. But I only realized this after the whole ordeal. The cashier said I was too late to cancel. Too bad. :(

      Anyway, I'll try to return the items as I still have the tag. Thank you for your advice Bree. :)