Thursday, December 26, 2013


Urban Behavior coat | H&M sweater and scarf | Forever 21 jeans
 Nine West bag | Urban Behavior boots

It's Boxing Day! And you know what that means.... EVERYONE'S-GOING-TO-BE-BROKE-AND-WILL-REGRET-IT-KIND-OF-DAY.   Or not.

Good thing for me was, today, I tried to be prudent and managed to succeed in flying colors. Ha! Just last year, I bought too much unnecessary items -- ones I practically used once in a while or rarely. So this time, the goal was to be frugal and buy what  I think will be really useful. 
The first stop of the day was Topshop. I didn't find anything I would never leave the store for (except for these sneaker platforms that I, similarly already have). So I left and went to H&M since their sale items were being sold for buy 1 take 1. I went for this amazing knitted blazer and a striped sweater (goes to show how much I love stripes. I think I can't get over soon). And then I went to some shoe shops to find a pair for my boyfriend; sadly, I didn't find anything that will suit his taste. The last stop was Urban Outfitters. I lost hope when I entered the store. There were just too many people for me to choose properly. Don't get me wrong, I love Boxing Day. Thank you God, but I should've been early knowing that people will be going to their favorite stores. Basically, mine were the crowd favorites so I don't blame you people. haha I blame myself. But I was happy since I changed a lot since last year. I am no longer the same compulsive buyer that I was before. :) Hooray!

Oh well, tomorrow I will find the perfect shoes. I think I'll buy some make-up too. Wish me luck. :)


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