Friday, November 01, 2013

A Blog Post That's 6 Months Too Late

Forever 21 blazer, button down and belt | Pull & Bear Shorts 
Zara bag | Rubi shoes

 I recently discovered old outfit shots and travel shots in the folders upon folders of  my laptop. My Father recently and finally purchased the charger in Manila ( Thank God) since I was losing all hopes for me to find one. I wasn't able to use my lappy for 5 months because my dog hucklebutted all over the house and snapped the cord of the charger. Yes, he is a mini bull terrier, they're known for such things. But I also blame my carelessness for leaving the laptop downstairs where my dog-pig hybrid was chilling. Ugh.

So anyway, I found these set of pictures taken during May of this year. I wore this to the very first fashion show that I styled. Because of my plain forgetfulness, I can't remember the name of the fashion show anymore. LOL. But it was held at Tienda del Mercardo with the summer theme in mind. I remember feeling nauseated since I was doing triple jobs that night, being a stylist, attending Lieu Magazine's booth and taping for our scrapped reality tv show. ( I'll tell more about that soon. LOL). This was the time when pinstripes was at its prime.Yes, even before Robin Thicke decided to grind his meat all over Miley wearing that pinstriped suit. ( No offense Miley, I still find you adorable).

And yes, I looked thinner 6 months ago. haha



  1. This is something I'd totally wear. I'm so in love with your boots, Pat!!

  2. As usual, you're so fashionable and yes dear, ADORABLE too!
    Ang cute mo lang talaga. lol
    Love reading your posts! Maka-GV hehe

    -xoxo, FRANCES