Thursday, October 31, 2013


 Island Souvenirs #BangonSugBohol shirt | Forever 21 skirt 
Mango bag | Folded and Hung heels

I know, I know. I'm sorry for my absence. 21 Days of no blogging. I know right? I've been itching to blog but I don't have any material. I've been very busy lately - spent my whole sembreak to every nook and cranny of the city. I went to Mati, my family's hometown (partied the hell out of my Friday night last week), I also got busy with selling most of my clothes. I figured that I should be earning my own money for the whole break. Also, I've been enjoying my days with my friends. We usually spend the whole night at my house just chillaxing and having the time of our lives.

But also since my absence, a devastating tragedy happened in Bohol and Cebu, two beautiful places which I've yet to explore. (I've been to Cebu but only stayed there for a meek 2 days). Sad. Hundreds of people died during the earthquake. Although I don't have any money to give to them ( I really wish I had tons to help them), I offered my sincerest prayers for the people grief stricken during those hard times. Some of them don't even have homes anymore. I wish the government will respond to this quickly.

I hope you'll take care of yourselves everybody.


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