Thursday, October 10, 2013


H&M dress c/o The Off Price Show | Forever 21 accessories
Converse shoes

Taking a huge leap of faith. Finally succumbed to my fears and took the courage to talk(text) to someone who was once so important in my life, I guess he still is but in a whole other context. I considered him the best guy friend there was. You see, I've been wanting to make things right this time; I have less than 8 remaining months here in the Philippines. I'll be living in Canada with my family for the next three years or so. Everyone's there already, except for me and my father. I don't want to leave the door with bitterness in my mind, despite of all the nasty, dreadful things that has happened for the last few years. 

So yes, I made an effort to make things okay between the both of us. The reply was not something I had hoped to see (I felt as though it was heavily contrived for a person I know so well) but it's good enough for me. Maybe everything has changed indeed. And I'm putting all the hurtful, bitterness feelings aside to move forward. This is one giant step I never imagined of doing months before, but I did it. Time is of the essence and the days are chasing the present. 

I'd rather look back and say that I did the most embarrassing things than ask myself the cliched but the saddest question, "What if?".



  1. closure is important and making steps to feel at ease and comfortable with your past is important for current happiness.
    your dress is adorable pat! xox

  2. Everything in your blog is genuine :) *hats-off*