Monday, September 30, 2013

What You See Is What You Get


H&M dress (c/o The Off Price Show) | Accessories random from India and Gmall Dept Store. |
Aldo bag and heels

    So recently I got reminded that I have haters. I have never denied that, the mere idea of having one is entirely mundane for me. I would be surprised if I don't have one -- guess we all do. 

     But the core here is I've always disregarded them. (Or YOU, if you're one of them. You stalker!) haha Anyway, yes, I know for a fact that I'm not the most likeable person. I don't initiate conversations so much ( I'm really shy at first which explains.. ); when I'm mad and I know that I'm on the right side of the corner, implicated for being wrong, I don't play fair to get even; when we do get pretty close consider that I don't filter my words too much ( and that fact has always put me into the most stupid situations -- situations I dare not discuss because, well, they're stupid). I like to show people who I really am rather than having to bother editing myself spot on. (reason why people pin me for being such a war freak). The deal is, if being a war freak means standing up to your principles, and not letting anyone trample you then I guess you can call me a war freak. ( Yet it's still politically incorrect - I just know when to fight the right war). It's so much better than pretending.

     I really don't know how some people can do that. Isn't that so hard to do? Pretending?

     Speak for myself. I digress. Being real is so much better than pretending but I do pretend once in a while. Some haters are actually "friends" of mine. When they're in front of me, they're so kind and so friendly but when I'm away they're mocking my frock or talk crap about my blogging life or my life for that matter. Fortunately for them, I take "make believing" pretty seriously. So yes, I disregard them. I rather take the low blow criticisms and digest the words and defecate them straight to all the pile of shit they put me into. KIDDING! That was so.. Err disgusting. Okay, I'm just kidding. But I liked the play of words so. haha 

    What I really do is I listen, (especially if I acknowledge the truth), ponder on their words and think about the possible changes I have to do. If I have to change, I try my best to change, the slightest will do as I have no plans on changing my totality. That will only fool myself and all of you. I rather play it step by step. I test the waters first. But it's a whole other story when someone mocks me -- because then, it isn't said with good virtue.
   I've always put up this tough demeanor but what most of you don't know is I'm very sensitive and I bawl my eyes out whenever people say low blow commentaries. With dry eyes, I slowly show the tough demeanor. And I completely disregard the hurtful words altogether.

  I get up, do things with immense gusto and chalk up the courage to go through my life. As I've said, I'm not really likeable. But I take pride in saying that I'm as real as you want me to be. In this kind of world we have now, nobody sticks for pretensions for so long.


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  1. Haters gonna hate, Pat! LOL! You're looking great and don't mind them, really. Haven't been here for a while and you kinda lost weight. It's not a bad thing though but a good one. :)