Monday, October 07, 2013


Forever 21 cap | Random boutique shirt | Forever 21 shorts
Cotton On bag | Platform ala-Spice Girls sneakers random find from Tokyo

A really, really quick outfit post for my ladies and gents -- I have yet to finish my paper for my Theology and Agri Business subjects. 

So I wore this outfit last week out for a night of binge-eating at Vikings (they opened here in Davao much to the delight of everyone). We went there around 10 in the morning and made reservations for waiting list. We went back to the resto around 5 in the afternoon and patiently waited for about 3 hours until our number was called. It was all worth it; the food was great, the restaurant, unbelievably spotless. Thumbs up!

 I've been sporting this cap for about a week straight now. haha! It suits me well -- people always tell me I'm bad. Be it a positive bad or negative bad, I pick my poison. haha

 My favorite shoes as of the moment. They add height kasi. :)



  1. love it! It's like you burnt down the grass behind you and are feeling proud and possibly remorseful at being 'bad'. great shirt too. xox