Sunday, September 15, 2013

We Were Going For Coachella

H&M striped top |  Betty crocheted skort | Metanoia midriff top 
Forever 21 hat | Mango sling bag | Blue Inc London boots

Yesterday was our class pictorial. It was a perfect day to imbibe our Coachella-themed shoot -- it was sunny but nevertheless, the cold breeze didn't fail us by sunset. Better late than never.

So which look do you think I went for? :) 

I chose the second one for the actual shoot. I've taken every consideration in settling with this. LOL. Even if it means it's a size tighter than mine. Oh yeah, I broke my own rules. College class-pictorial only happens once in a lifetime -- make that two for me. Why not savor the time being? haha I still did wear the first one though. I had a company party to attend to and blogging duties ( I came in very late). 

So yes, I was about as fine as Kate Bosworth working my butt off with this skimpy little outfit. Hell, if I was at the actual festival, I would have opted for this look as well -- minus the ill-fitting top (which I had no other options to choose from that's why. I still love the clothing line more than ever). It's the perfect outfit for Coachella. Add a little stereotypical bandana, hat or floral headband then I guess I'm good to go. 

And everyone looked lovely yesterday. I'm glad it ended pretty well.

I'm saving a similar gear for the future. Well, have you heard about my raves about Carte Blanche? The Electro Music Carnival of Davao City. Yup, you read that right. It's going to be held at the same place where we did our shoot - Crocodile Park Concert Grounds.

Happening on November 16, 2013. I will tell you more about that soon. :) Can't wait!

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