Friday, September 06, 2013

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013: Imagine, Discover and Fly with the Havaianas Hot Air Balloon.

Something big and colorful is coming your way as  the vibrant spirit of the world's well loved and favorite flip-flops  brand  lets you discover and dive inside your imagination to celebrate self-expression with Make Your Own Havaianas!
The annual event of mixing and matching soles and straps launches everyone further, as Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) 2013 banners how its distinct fun-fashion inspires Havaianaticos to take their imagination off to greater heights with their customized Havaianas pairs.

Live free and let this flight carry you somewhere far as Havaianas sets another mark in bringing in yet another whimsical means to touch the apex of your thoughts through the Havaianas Hot Air balloon. Standing tall at more than 15 feet, this Hot air balloon all made up of colorful Havaianas flip-flops is truly a fitting symbol of our own colorful journey that has just landed on Abreeza Mall's fountain lawn.

Its presence kicks off the series of promotion for the Davao leg of MYOH 2013. Much of the thrill that comes with the annual Make Your Own Havaianas is the way it lets everyone’s imagination and creativity run wild, while at the same time, seizing these concepts and embedding them in soles to last.

“The Havaianas Hot Air Balloon is there to inspire everyone,” said Marga Nograles, Managing Director of Martish Marketing Company, the exclusive sub distributor of Havaianas in Southeast Mindanao.  “It’s there to spark everyone’s imagination and make it real through the Havaianas pairs they will customize at MYOH,” she added.

Indeed, with ‘imagination’ as the theme for this year’s activity, the Make Your Own Havaianas and Hot Air Balloon are beautiful symbols of the greater heights our imagination can propel us. 

 Dani Barretto shows off her very own customized Havaianas.

A bunch of newly assembled MYOH 2013 pairs look good to go!

The MYOH 2013 commemorative pair and an array of soles and pins.

The MYOH assemblers in action.

 Michelle Madrigal and friend pose for a picture inside the Havaianas Hot Air Balloon.

 Dan Matutina + Havaianas, is this year’s commemorative pair. It is available in carbon blue sole, and features spacemen with space markers connecting the stars to form images. It represents how Havaianas enables everyone’s creativity and imagination to take off to greater heights.

The Havaianas Hot Air Balloon is the main attraction at The Rockwell Tent for MYOH 2013 Manila Leg last May.

Dan Matutina + Havaianas, this year’s commemorative pair, radiates a happy and imaginative vibe with its orange straps and spacesuit pin.

The colorful selection of MYOH 2013 straps and soles on a wheel.
Martish Marketing Company launches Exciting Promo for MYOH 2013

While we all wait for MYOH 2013, Martish presents an exciting online promo that will help spread the word about the event.

Mall goers are invited to take snapshots with the Havaianas Hot Air Balloon and share these snapshots via Facebook or Instagram with the caption “See you at Make Your Own Havaianas from September 13-15, 2013 at the Abreeza Mall Activity Center!”

Havaianaticos with valid Facebook or Instagram posts will receive a 10% Discount Coupon that they can use on their Havaianas purchase. See Havaianas Hot Air Balloon Standee for more details.


Havaianas is on its feet to taking your imagination to greater heights at Make Your Own Havaianas 2013. Experience the summer vibe that never goes out style with the world’s favorite rubber flip-flops brand. Visit Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 at the Abreeza Mall Activity Center from September 13 to 15, 2013. 
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