Tuesday, September 03, 2013

BETTER TIMES: Let's Talk About Boys

Mango denim jacket |  Calvin Klein white button down | 
Metanoia satin skirt | Cotton On bag | Converse sneakers

I want to apologize for the one week hiatus. I've been quite the busy bee since midterm exams started and I have had zero decent clothes plus sudden breakouts to put out a well-thought of blog post for you guys. So yes, I am really sorry.

Anyway, I'm back! But it goes with the times -- this week I received such good news, I can't wait to tell you all about them! But for now, just wait for my updates and I bet you will be as excited as I am. :)

Let's talk about boys. 

I don't understand them nowadays.  

 Yesterday, I was surfing the internet warp that is Facebook and I discovered someone blocked me from their account. I was wondering why I haven't been seeing announcements and updates on certain groups, been clueless of the 411 and the like. And I soon figured out, there's this person who totally blocked me. LOL.  (I'm not sarcastically laughing -- I really do find it amusing yet somehow offended and I somehow find the decision really, really poor). So well, I hatched this idea with my classmate to tell me the class' plans whenever I don't get to see the said person's posts. Cause you know, you blocked me. It's alright no need to unblock me I think it's totally fine when I'm clueless about certain matters.( Cue sarcasm).

And there's this boy who asked me out to a movie a month ago right after talking about offensive, -clearly things -you-don't-want-to-mention-to-a-girl kind of subjects. I was polite so I said, "Let's see"; because really, I wasn't sure. How can I be? Figured it out yet dude? Next thing I knew, he was waiting for me and I couldn't really reply since he was using a different mobile network and I had no extra load. It was too late to apologize since he was talking about me and how I "ditched" him on Facebook and well, pretty much to the whole Entrep faculty. 

I'm sorry but in what universe does "ditching" mean not being able to go to an unsure plan? Cause I'm pretty sure I didn't bail on you. I would never bail anyone out, especially when I already committed to the ordeal. I never confirmed anything dude. Better stop bringing my name in a bad light and get over it.

Enough about the drama, I'm lucky enough to have a lot of guy friends who care and love me. And I love them to bits. They're like my big brothers and I treat them like family.

Now I'm hanging out with the best guy there is. He's the only one I think I understand. I can't believe I'm missing out. I really love it when we get to see each other. :)

You want the skirt? It's made of satin, the finest fabric we have.

 If you want the same skirt as I have above, just text our business number at 09324661404 or message me on Facebook. Our second collection will be finished soon (sorry for the delay) so watch out for that! 

I like to share this video from one of my most favorite duo, Beach House. Listen to this, Better Times, such a really good song. :) 


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