Friday, August 23, 2013


Heur Sheen top | Topshop shorts
Zara bag | Forever 21 sneakers

Ola! A very vibrant Saturday for everyone! :)

This top is  just the funniest. haha Ka-Vogue! Pun intended. LOL. It sounds like "kabog: in our native tongue -- a gay slang for being ostentatious. 

The outfit per se, isn't as flamboyant as what the t-shirt conveys. It's a simple casual outfit most hipsters would wear. (I am a self-confessed hipster.) haha But everything in moderation. I took inspiration from the Koreans actually. I noticed that the socks+sneakers combination was apparent in their country -- well that was when I visited Seoul and Busan two years ago. haha Maybe the trend has already been disregarded. Sigh. But it's a cute combi! I can't miss it.

You've actually seen the shorts twice already here. I love shorts from Topshop, I only have two actually and they really fit me like a glove, although, their shorts can be particularly shorter than most brands.  :)

And what better title to place other than Ka-Vogue? We hit the 100k mark today! Aaaah! Thank you so much for reading and patronizing Style Zodiac. It's a very humble blog of ours, a million page views is not our number one aim, we just want our voices to be heard, document our fashion and share it to the ones interested to see. And look where it got us. It has opened a lot of doors for us and we are really happy and thankful for everyone who has visited the site, once, twice or everyday. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

And if by any chance we get to a million hits, why not? :)

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