Monday, August 19, 2013

I Don't Shine If You Don't Shine

Cotton On top | Metanoia skirt 
Forever 21 accessories | Charles & Keith sandals

The more you look at it, the uglier it becomes. And if any chance you guys are clueless,  it's my face we're talking about. haha! 

I'm self-deprecating again. And no I'm not fishing for compliments or humblebragging. Just stare at my face and you'll understand. LOL

So here I am sitting on a high chair at the corner of Hue Cafe -- the university cafe. It's almost 10 AM and my class doesn't start until 2:30 PM. As I type this line, I listen to Phoenix's Entertainment -- the melody relaxes me. Also, delving my time between studying for my Theology class or surfing the internet and watch Vine videos. The wild chattering in the room urges me to leave. But then again, where else could I go?

I'm guessing I'll be staying here for quite a while. 

Or not. 

So yesterday I had my first morning run in ages. My legs started to ache and my stomach felt like it was punched black and blue. I had to stop in between sprinting. Self-deprecating in 5, 4,3, 2,. To put it simply, I sucked. 

Afterwards, I gave crunching, sit-ups and dumb bells a try. I could give gym enthusiasts a run for their money. haha! I was so determined to have rock hard abs but then, food came and it totally ruined everything!

I ate spaghetti, fries, chocoates, twin popsies, and coke after all the draining things I did. haha Not so determined after all. 

This is what I wore after that "routine". I've always loved mint even before the trend came about. I actually had the colors more back then, you know, before I sold and gave everything off.

This is the Chelsi skirt from Metanoia. It made my look a little bit more easy on the eyes don't you think?

By the way, there's only one more available piece so if you want to get it, contact our business number -09324661404. Or if you happen to visit and find a dress or a skirt you fancy, text our number. State in your name, the name of your desired garment, payment method (we do meet-ups or payments through LBC) and when you intend to get it. 

 I realized something today, I can now actually say I'm happier now than I ever was. There are still problems that are getting in the way but I'm flipping their thorns. My shine is back. Thanks to this particular person. :) 

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  1. I don't think your face looks ugly in the first photo. I actually liked it. Seriously, it's cute! :))


  2. hey pat, i agree with cielo, i don't think your face is ugly at all... lovely photos. I like the way your sweater matches your floral skirt. very pretty :D