Monday, July 01, 2013

Sweet Disposition

G2000 top | Metanoia skirt | Sm Parisian heels

Minimalist --that's what I've been going for for quite some time now, but I never seem to pull it off. Rumi Neely for example, looks superb in a t-shirt dress and her signature ankle boots, but when I tried the look on me, I look like I just rolled out of my carton box and wandered off the streets. I look pitiful pretty much. Since I still can't manage to wear minimalist casual wear, I decided to give minimalism a run for their money -- incorporate the trend with this semi-formal attire. Black and white is in season so it's only appropriate to start with these colors first. What do you think about it? :)

So my life is at another highlight once again -- just as I thought I was nearing perfect bliss, a sudden misfortune pulled it back, hid it at the stems of purgatory and replaced it with oblivion. (Shamelessly smiling at the words I used there. Bravo Pat. haha) Anyway, at this state, I'm still confused. It was unforeseen and painful, very painful. For whatever it was, it did me some fine tuning.

 I think I don't owe anybody an explanation. I am free to do as I please and I am embracing it. I can't say for sure where the road will take me, but I know in the end the pain will be worth it. After all, having an optimistic, sweet and open disposition in life is what will make us happy. 

On another topic, I managed to score tickets for The Killers' Concert coming this September. hahaha! I AM FOR REAL EXCITED ABOUT IT. I started blasting the speakers with their songs since Friday. haha I am nuts!