Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yellow is a Happy Camper :)

Promod top | Femme skirt | Forever 21 necklace
Mango bag | Payless sandals

This is what I wore to school today. :) I practically managed to squeeze into this awesome skirt after a legion of guilty binge eating. I digress, I DESERVED all that food -- yesterday was grueling as usual. I ate 2 cups of rice and 3 enormous lumpia for breakfast. As if that wasn't enough, I ate macaroni and cheese right after. I had two German cheese franks for snacks and a whole lot of iced tea -- and yes, there's more. haha

This day was like any other typical day; except for the perfect weather: gloomy, breezy but it got all humid at night though. I wanted to marry my bed the whole day but I had to go to school to pass some papers. Metanoia's launching is coming so fast; so please bear with me, I might get too busy in the coming weeks. 

So for today, I wore yellow -- the color rarely seen in my closet. I never really thought about it until now but most of my clothes are of dull colors , navy, grey, black and white. It's about time that I should invest in more colors now; well that is if I could pass off not looking like rainbow vomit. haha I like bright tones but I usually tone them down, thus the need for the black skirt, bag and sandals. I didn't want to get too boring though so I added another color (green) with my necklace. At first, I wasn't really feeling this look, but I felt comfy the whole day and my friends complimented me for it. I guess it was a success(?). haha I figured I should experiment more
. :)

By the way, the Nine West and Kenneth Cole giveaway is still ongoing! 

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