Wednesday, July 03, 2013

On Layering and Why Your Heart Needs A Little Breaking

People Are People denim top | Dress (Gift) | Mango bag 

Cold Evening to everyone! Loving the weather now, reminds me so much of my gloomy Vancouver -- just the way I like it. The breezy weather only entails layering! And I had so much fun doing it :) 

I managed to find these pieces at the very last minute. I almost have no clothes left because of my recent closet sale with Aidx Paredes. I have no other time to gather the garments unsold so I pretty much laid all my trust on my favorite pieces. 

So the key to perfecting layering is to make one area stand out, so with this look, the dress did it for me. I added the denim top since I like contrasting pieces. I don't want to look too girly nor too casual.

Actually, I really wanted to wear my ankle boots but I KNOW and I am so sure of it -- I'll get weird stares again ; so maybe next time I'll wear them when I feel like getting weird stares again. Ano daw? haha Sometimes the cold weather hits me and I get all way-out about it. When that happens, I usually imagine wearing sweaters, trench coats, a few scarves and leather boots. But hello? Like THAT would ever happen. haha Maybe after a few hundred years when the Philippines moves up to Japan's location, but I'll be dead by then. OR perhaps living my next life so maybe I'll just keep daydreaming about it. Yes I shall.

Speaking of the cold weather, it practically calls for snuggling. But because I'm currently in the love down low, I get to snuggle my dogs which is fine by me. I honestly think it's more okay to hug your stinky, salivating dogs than to hug someone who keeps breaking your heart into pieces. Hashtag may pinagdadaanan. haha

Our hearts need a little breaking. 

It does. 

When you get hurt, when someone you love slashes your pulse like a double dead meat, it only signifies that change is bound to happen. Changes in oneself, in your totality. It is when your heart goes aching when you appreciate the things you never notice while you were busy giving all your attention to that person -- you appreciate the little things your friends do for you more now, when you laugh and when you get truly happy, it doesn't have restrictions anymore. You make time for your friends and family who have really been there all along. You notice that person. That person who never really left your side. That person who really loves you and cares for you. You realize that you never really know the value of a person unless you lose them and that is what you have lost -- time for everyone else.

Your heart needs a little breaking because that hurtful event is basically the gauge of your hurt meter. So the next time you get hurt again, you'll just walk all over it. KEBER. 

Your heart needs a little breaking because it will teach you to become wiser and stronger. The next time you feel like getting yourself in the same situation, you dodge the bullet. You would know.

And by the time the person who've caused you great pain regrets the things they've done to you (oh they will I am so sure of it ), they will want to talk to you again, they will want to call you again, they will miss you but you will no longer be there. You're busy not making the same mistake again. :)


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