Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Smile Like You Mean It

Forever 21 shirt | Thrifted vest | Mango jeans
Topshop tweed bag | Converse sneakers

By now, I should already have had an extensive amount of knowledge about men, but I always underestimate them. Last night, I went out with some of the Metanoia team (composing of boys mostly) after our meeting. They had margaritas while I resorted to a Coke in can, well, because I'm not a fan of liquor (despite my dad working for the number 1 beer company here in the Phil) and also because in a recent squabble, I found myself hating liquor all the more. I don't want to think about it this early. It's a really tacky thing to remember.

So anyway, they had a few drinks while I listened to their sentiments regarding each of their own problems. I  also recounted mine but kept all the specific details to myself - because it is a really tacky thing to remember, for whatever it is. I was amazed at how they shared their thoughts about my dilemma, of how abreast they were and in just one sentence, everything became clear to me. Coming from men's perspectives, they were rather brutally honest about it and I really needed that because I am the most stubborn person I know. Ha! Did I mention that my zodiac sign is Taurus?

So this was my outfit during our talk. I blended well I think. I've been meaning to wear this jeans for the longest time! But they don't fit me, they're two sizes smaller so yesterday, I breathed in all the oxygen I could store in my lungs and hoped that the button doesn't ricochet to one of my team's eyes or loins. 

I really do have an eccentric imagination. 

Last night went pretty well. We shared a few laughs and I met a bunch of cool guys. It's nice to hang out with   
real men once in a while. You would be surprised at how regardful, honest and smart they are - but hey, they are a part of my team; so hurray for me!

So everything made sense after their advice, after their blunt statements. I thanked them and I smiled knowing that I've got these amazing people behind my back.



  1. nice, casual and cute outfit, and yes, you are smiling like you mean it.