Monday, July 15, 2013


Random from Bangkok shirt | Metanoia (prototype) skirt | 
Accentz Co. Davao skull watch
Topshop wedge sneakers and tweed bag

Hi! I just came home from an awesome day with my blogger friends and the Dorothy Perkins team -- more about that in a separate post in a few days. :)

So this is what I wore today. I practically rummaged through my old clothes and saw this top I bought in Bangkok a few years ago. haha! Now I definitely love the shirt. Ngeh. Sabaw. haha

Anyway, this day can't get any better! It was such a productive day and because of that, I'm already very tired. My eyes are droopy and my brain's barely functioning. Hooo. Sorry.:(

I am in love with this watch from Accentz Co. Davao. It's only fitting that I'm currently addicted to skulls. :) I'll be giving away an Accentz Co. Davao watch this weekend so again guys, watch out for that. It's so pretty! I want it for myself too but I love you all so I'm going to give it to one of you! :)

Check out their page. Have a look at their pretty accessories : ACCENTZ CO. DAVAO

With my partner in crime / business partner chos, Wilson Limon

He'll be posting his look tomorrow, but for now, I have to say good night :)


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  1. nice outfit, but, if you can't really see the 't' and can't read the 'rt' perfectly, it kinda looks like it might say 'i heart my sh*t' which is hilarious. ;)