Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Forever 21 sweater | Vans shades | Penshoppe jeans
Cotton On bag | Topshop wedge sneakers

I've been abusing my one and only wedge sneakers. (I'm sorry pretty baby)

Channeling Aidx Paredes in this all-black ensemble yesterday. In fact, we almost had the same exact look except for his neon running shoes (I bought one myself hours after we ate lunch with Bjorn Manila). haha The compulsive buyer that I am --legitimately sucking out my wallet. 

Anyway, so I opted to wear black since I'm mourning about my weight. I've got a big beach ball for a tummy and I can't even see my legs anymore. haha

Woe is me. 

But I definitely enjoyed my day -- it was very productive. Productive in the sense that I got to spend it with a few good friends, saw my friend Kathy (who joined The Voice of the Philippines) again after such a loooong time, met and hung out with Bjorn Manila, bought materials for Metanoia's display at the Ateneo Business Center, had body therapy, then off to an actual retail therapy, met up with my business's paper bag supplier, Artisan, went all Japanese for the whole day pretty much and capped off the night, chilling and relaxing at The Brewery. 


This shirt reminded me of one of my life's theme songs, "Ride" by Lana del Rey. 

My favorite part of the song:
I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast
I am alone at midnight
Been trying hard not to get into trouble but I
I’ve got a war in my mind
So I just ride

There's this unwavering rawness to it. 

I always get in trouble, I always have drama and I don't want ANY of it. I mean who does? But we can't escape them, it's because they're there for a reason -- to make us tough, to make us learn, to make us strive for the better. And when things don't plan the way we want them to be, we ride. We go where the wind takes us. Sometimes we inflict ourselves with too much pain and too much drama, not knowing that we're suppressing our own happiness. Just ride along the road of life.

And that's what I've been doing. I try not to sulk about my past mistakes anymore. I gratify myself by thanking God that I'm still alive; that I'm doing so many things not everyone can and will be able to do. Not everyone can hold so much pain as I can but I'm here. Still here. And I've never felt more alive. 



  1. Ride is one of my fav Lana songs too! you look so so so biker chick in these pics Pat, love it! Tough and sexy! :)

    1. She's so talented and beautiful! :) thanks for the lovely comment, coming from a lovely girl herself. :)