Friday, July 26, 2013


Mango blazer | Forever 21 cut-out dress | Sm Accessories necklace
Cotton On bag | Terranova shoes


(n.) excessive weight gained through stress eating

I've been doing this project called "Word of The Day" on Facebook -- well okay, I just shamelessly grab the words from Tumblr but it takes a lot of effort just to save it in my album okay? (Defense mechanism)

So yesterday's word was Kummerspeck. I don't know how to use the word exactly since I can't find sentence examples on the Merriam Webster. I'm guessing it's a foreign word. (Duh Pat). haha So yes I have this thing you call Kummerspeck and it's beginning to soil my confidence. You have no idea how hard it was holding my breath for these photos. Having eaten a big-ass slice of pizza, giga fries, a waffle sandwich  chicken and tuna sandwich -- you just have no idea. haha I self-deprecate a little to much but that's the way I go.

So allow me to share with you photos from the Bauhaus Event. It was fun catching up with my Davao Fashion Bloggers family and my Lieu Magazine family. I don't get to see these group of people in one event so I was thrilled when I chalked up the scene. 

So medyo hubadera ako. haha I had the blazer for the rest of the night. I only took it off for blogging purposes. If I had a body like Miley Cyrus, I would not even think about putting on some blazer because, obviously. Sigh. 

The rubber shoes + cut-out dress may seem odd to you but it's been doing well since the European Fashion Weeks. It's fun, nonchalant and young at the same time. It's a great substitute for heels. :)

Thank you Dawn for the photos! <3 Love you



  1. gorgeous dress! i love the cut out bits

  2. I love your cut-out dress to the max!
    Though I have to admit, I would never have the guts to wear one and flaunt it in malls.HAHA! :)

    Bagay sayo ang outfit mo. Bongga! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES