Saturday, July 20, 2013


 ICE skull blouse | Terranova dress | Accentz Co. Davao watch
Rubi ankle boots

Okay, I am effervescently in love with my camera lens -- a wide angle Tokina lens my dad bought two years ago. It makes everyone look taller and skinnier. I swear by it! Mwahaha! I'm suddenly beginning to ignore my other lenses. The neglector that I am. LOL.

So this is what I wore to Lookbook Live at SM Lanang Premier. I got to tell you, it took me roughly three hours to prepare for the event. My afternoon was brimming with a few naps in between the selection of an outfit, eating A TON OF JUNK FOOD (I am disgusting) and living inside the Most Popular Girls in School channel on Youtube. Trust me, it's the funniest thing since Niga Higa -- my newest guilty pleasure. So going back, I assumed to my position (eating junkfood while watching MPGIS) while thinking about what to wear with the Terranova dress. An hour and 30 minutes before the event, I turned off the laptop and grabbed this black shirt I bought in Australia a couple months back. I also wore it HERE.

I wanted to tone down the colorful floral dress and so explains the black garments. Also, I wore yet again, this 2 year old necklace. You've probably already seen me wearing this a million times.haha And you know what's funny? I always misplace my accessories. It's because I put my stuff in two rooms (with a lot of cabinets). I know I have other necklaces out there. Somewhere. I'm too lethargic to even remember every hiding place. I really need a decent cabinet. 

I am such a klutz. :)

So hurray! I spent the night with my blogger loves once again. We ate dinner then after, proceeded to a coffee shop to discuss life and our future plans. Chos. 

I always have fun with them since we take things lightly and have the best kind of fun. Always. And when I do have problems, they give out the sincerest and most honest advice. You could really see the genuineness and love we have for one another. Love you Farrah, Dawn, Rien, Janvie, Kwesh (we miss you!) and Wilson!   

That night went pretty swell; really clean, good fun (except for Party Prince Janvie I bet) haha. 

They're klutz-ier than I am. haha Dawn and Baby Rien. :)

Cute cat, Farrah. :)

With Miko Carreon, Aidx Paredes, Janvie Tiu and Lance de Ocampo



  1. This is so cool. You rocked that outfit :))


  2. great photos, and i love your necklace.

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