Sunday, June 02, 2013

Something Old, Something New

Cousin's denim blazer | Collective Clothing shirt 
Mango bag | Rubi boots

Hello! Missed me? Awww. I missed you too! :)

I went on a little trip to my father's hometown, Mati, Davao Oriental. He celebrated his birthday there and I practically needed a mini vacation -- I predicted that this week would be hell. Right after arriving in Davao, I went straight to Lieu Online Magazine's third issue launching (Summer Send Off Party).  I was busy the whole night so I never really had the chance to dance my butt off. I wish I could though, but that would be such an eyesore. haha

Anyway, my cousin left this blazer at home last 2011. Yes, it was THAT long. I really miss her. Ate Honey, if you're reading, I really miss you! You were the one who really taught me on how to dress up -- mix and match, going out of my comfort zone and have the confidence to pull it off. Ever since she came here, I became wary of my outfit choices. I gradually became "maarte" but in a good way. Before, I never really cared if the dress didn't fit well or if my bra straps were showing. Sometimes we get reminded of our adjustment years. haha I still have my "lazy days"; sometimes I won't bother putting on accessories at all or at times I'll go all out and wear a pile of them. This was one of the RAREST occasions.

It's really nice to try something alien. :)

I tried using my old yet beloved camera, the Nikon D3000. The quality of the pictures are quite noisy yet I still love the colors. hehe :)


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