Monday, May 27, 2013

Dustland Fairytale - Statements from The Killers' Biggest Fantard

H&M dress | Thrifted vest | Ralph Lauren belt 
Payless sandals | Mango bag

Anyone who truly knows me knows how much I love The Killers -- the alternative rock band from Las Vegas, the proponent of Mr. Brightside( almost everyone's theme song once in our lives), the ever changing game players and has THE HOTTEST FRONT MAN OUT THERE. I have lots of things to say but they may take up the whole post so let's -- nah I'm gonna do it anyway. I love them. 

I love Brandon Flowers.

See what I told you? He is quintessentially FINE and to back it up, he has the greatest voice -- Billy Joe Armstrong wishes.

They have released four studio albums already, each bringing different sounds and feel to their many fantards like me.That's what I like most about them, every album sounds different from the last one. Not a week goes by without me sharing one of their brilliant music videos. I cried after watching "A Dustland Fairytale", I really want you to watch it and after, I can bet my money that you WILL LOVE THEM.

But my most favorite would have to be "Read My Mind"  -- the song just speaks to me. Every word sang sounds beautiful to my ears. Plus, the video was shot in Tokyo, one of my favorite travel experiences.  

So yes, have a break and listen to them. You will thank me. 

Recently, I've learned that they will stage a concert in September -- in Singapore that is and I am dying to go. The sad part is, I have no one to join me! What?? I'm quite in the blue lately. Some of my friends haven't even heard of them. :( So if you want to go too, hit me up and let's discuss things in the privy. mehe And also I have to save first! Fingers crossed* 

So this is what I wore yesterday to a meeting for our TV show. It's going to air soon so watch out for it. I bought this dress in H&M Singapore a few months back. My father was surprised that I only purchased four items. haha I'm wiser with my choices now. 

To toughen up the sweet and dainty dress, I wore this vest I got from two years back. I think it only cost me P50. The last time I went to a thrift store was two years ago. Wow it's been that long? I really have no time and patience to go to a thrift store now (buttlazy). I practically just shop when I NEED to (the last time was during my birthday week). It's a little gift for me. :)  

Anyway, I'll leave you all with Spaceman from, you guessed it, The Killers. I shared this one in my facebook last night. I thought you might enjoy this. Good Vibes all the way! :)