Monday, June 03, 2013

Dare To Be Different

One of a kind. Unique. Individuality
 I find it hard to shop for clothes that are uncommon. Everything's so predictable, ubiquitous and very familiar. A lot of them, coming from THE SAME SOURCE, with varying prices.

So I've been thinking...

1. What if  a clothing line would be willing to extend their arms and meet the customer's preferred needs?
Accepting alterations and specifications? That would be awesome!
2. What if a clothing line would sell unforeseen clothes at the most minimum number of pieces? Every design is controlled by numbers. You pay the exclusivity you want, you'll get the exclusivity you deserve.
 No more fears of running face to face with a girl having the same attire -- I guess this one is every girl's nightmare. (First hand experience) haha

3. What if a clothing line would cater to people who are in full control of their individual style?

Risque. Carefree. Yet Fashionable.

4.What if a clothing line would be designed by the youth for the youth?

Because really, we know each other's pain. And dealing with your matters is much understood by your fellow men. 

So we're turning all these what if's to "WE ARE". 

Youth for the Youth.



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