Thursday, April 04, 2013

SYDNEY DAY 1 and Confessions of A Shopaholic

 Forever 21 top, striped leggings and sneakers | Hogwarts cap

Forgive me for wearing Forever 21 head to toe - I shamefully ransacked the whole store during the recent sale seasons (doesn't necessarily mean that I bought the whole store). It took me about 2 hours before finally deciding on what to buy. It's a good thing I'm very critical to my choices now. I think more thoroughly about shopping than I used to. After all, legal tender's hard to come by nowadays. 

 Sometimes I feel that I don't deserve all of the clothes,shoes and bags I have since I'm not the one who earns the money for my hankering - it's my parents who toil hard for my expenditures. And I sincerely have the deepest gratitude for them. They are fully aware of my shopaholic ways, they reprimand me and scold me when I go to far. For example: while in Singapore, I purposely detoured to Topshop to buy the black wedge sneakers that I always wanted. I didn't like the look on my father's face when he saw the price - but I also didn't want to leave the store without having it. He waived his initial decision. And there, he bought the shoes for me. But that didn't escaped me from his wise words: "You have loads of shoes - you don't even know what to do with them anymore since you don't wear all of them. Think about all the people who don't even have a single pair." 

I sighed.

The words went through a trajectory straight to my ego. He was right. I felt guilty. Contrite. In my defense, I have also given away some of my shoes to our helpers - most I have never worn or worn only once. Also, I have donated clothes to Bagyong Pablo (storm that hit Mindanao, here in the Philippines). A little pat on the back for me. I did what was due and I had to give back. Sometimes your conscience speaks to you in the most elaborate way eh? Not only that, but at that time, everybody was willing to help, even the ones who weren't fully capable. How much more myself when I have more than enough? The devastation knocked some sense into me. So I definitely understood where my father was coming from. I admit, from time to time, I still buy unnecessary things but time will come when I no longer have the desire for it - and this always happens. I'm not perfect after all but I know I should learn from experience.

               Moving on, this was what I wore to our first day in Sydney. My, my, my I expected Sydney to be chilly, but no, it was scorching hot! I'm darker than ever now. Blame it on all the walking that we did (well, we were traveling weren't we?). So since I thought Sydney would be a little colder, I brought sweaters and jeans. It's a tough call I know. Good thing was, I brought this see-thru top to keep me feeling free all day. Also, the sneakers were my life savers. I now have concluded that I should be wearing shoes a size bigger, 'cause they're easier to walk in. Blisters can totally wreck your vacation, especially when you walk a lot.

This is the cutest thing ever!

I berated my father about this. I told him not to take photos while a photo shoot is going on. He didn't budge in. Well, it turned out nice to say the least.




Watch out for Sydney Day 2!:)



  1. I love your outfit! And where did you get the Hogwarts cap? :)

  2. Thank you Valerie! Uhh, I don't know. My tita had it for years. She left it here in the house. haha. Probably online?