Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Forever 21 top, jeans and shoes | Y.R.Y.S belt
Mango bag

So finally, I'm back! How have you all been? I'm sure everyone had a great weekend. :)

As for me, I went on a little trip to Australia with my father - but before Oz, we had a full day to unwind in our stopover, Singapore! Oh, I definitely missed the place! Although SG's probably THE HOTTEST, MOST HUMID ( I literally felt like being microwaved as I stepped out of the subway station) country in Asia, it's the cleanest, most organized and always has the most fun activities for tourists (if not the best).

 As to my outfit - I was not briefed. I didn't remember SG to be THAT HOT, so I wore my usual travel gear - shirt, jeans and sneakers (all from Forever 21 - kasalanan ng sunod sunod na SALE!). Unfortunately, even though my shirt was light, it didn't spare me from the scorching heat. :|

But I enjoyed all the walking that we did - said no one ever. haha It was a good thing the amazing views of the city saved me and saved me well. We went back to Singapore after Australia too, so watch out for the Singapore post number 2. :)

Went to see Gardens by the Bay - lots of varieties of plants, they're really beautiful in person. An added bonus? The whole atrium is airconditioned. <3

 Until the next post!



  1. great! i love vacation style clothes :D

  2. Much love,
    "I really enjoyed the post!