Friday, April 05, 2013

Let's Talk About Flaws plus Brisbane Day 1

Cotton On dress | Rubi ankle boots 
Mango bag

A question -- what are your insecurities?

My nose - the bridge is long but my nose per se is bulbous. My teeth - I had braces two years back, I've had them for a couple of years then I decided to have it removed. It turns out it was too premature of a decision. The bottom set of teeth became crooked and "overcrowded". My eye bags - dark and drooping. My skin - it gets too oily in the tropical weather and too dry in cold weather. I don't know if that's normal but it really annoys me.

Those are only of my face alone. Think about the rest of my body.

I have so much insecurities. We all do. And there's a fine line between using them as an advantage or defining them as drawbacks to our yearnings. They are mostly unwanted but don't you think these flaws  make us beautiful? Look at Cindy Crawford, somebody from her industry wanted to remove her mole because they merely saw it as a flaw to her gorgeous face. But that didn't bother her, she loved her flaw and she embraced it - that became her signature. 

You see? When we let our flaws define us, it will make us feel inferior -- ultimately, we ourselves  may become social pariahs. Nobody wants that feeling. We have to take it up a notch and do what Cindy did, embrace them 'cause they may just work to our advantage. 

How can my imperfections benefit me in any way? Well, think about the brighter side of things. My eye bags are the indication of the long nights of studying that I did -which paid off. I managed to get the required grade (93) to pass a certain subject. Everything was worth it.

 Flaws make us much more interesting. It makes each and everyone of us different.Who wants a world filled with perfection? That would be so boring.



Moving on from my realizations, you may have noticed that I purposely skipped Day 2 of Sydney. The photos are still with my father -he'll be flying home tonight. So I decided to share with you our first day in the little city of Brisbane. 

Brisbane is lovely. There's not so much people, although warmer than Sydney, it felt like home to me. I don't know, it kind of reminded me of Vancouver. The place has a bounty of flora and fauna, leading us to visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It is the oldest and largest Koala Sanctuary in the world. And my when I tell you, there were A LOT of koalas - you can even have photo ops with them! I was too scared to do it (they can slash your face in spite of their cuteness). They placed the little creatures at different sections of the zoo. I saw their "retirement home" and "nursery". :3 Oh such adorable animals!

They even have a small farm which held the Sheep Dog Show. I was laughing the entire time. The dogs were cunning and fast. They never let one sheep stray away. It made me wonder how long they were trained for this. 

An artificial public beach (for free ha) was made right beside the river.

Almost 11 years ago was my last taste of Frozen Coke. We had them in Ateneo Grade School and it was discontinued because Coca-cola was replaced by Pepsi at that time. Eventually, Coca-cola came back but never did the Frozen Coke machine. :( I missed my everyday albeit unhealthy drink. 

In Brisbane, they had heaps of them and I drank them everyday. haha! No regrets!

Isn't this place just beautiful? :)


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