Thursday, April 11, 2013


 Ice skull blouse | H&M pink denim button down |
| Pull and Bear shorts |
R&Em pink studded bag| Topshop wedge sneakers

Let's take a break from the travel posts and try to sneak in a few photos from what I wore last Saturday. This will be one of the last posts with my ugly, abominable, haystack of a hair. I recently had it fixed - it's now black and bouncy but I'm thinking of having it cut to lessen the thickness.

There will be rants in between: 
 So anyway, summer class has already begun. I went bonkers when I saw my lola and lolo's good friend/math teacher enter our Calculus class this morning. I was really hoping for her since I know she's EXCEPTIONAL in teaching. I would've walked out (OA haha) if it wasn't her. You see, I just can't stand teachers who speak in vernacular (take note: deep Bisaya words the ENTIRE time - nosebleed). I understand English, Filipino, Taglish, "light" Bisaya yes, but deep Bisaya - in a Math class? I can't. I don't. I won't. And I had one. That time was such a failure at such disproportionate measures. So never again will I tolerate such teaching. I know she's smart and all but not everyone can speak and understand her dialect. I pay so much for good quality education, it's about time I have a teacher who not only is smart and challenging, but also is considerate of her students. Ugh. I just adore my current Calculus teacher. haha! It's only been a day and she already hugged me. :)

Moving on, this is what I wore to a meeting with fellow bloggers and a local TV station. We'll be bringing in something exciting for everybody so watch out for it. :)

These are the wedge sneakers I was telling you all about. Yes, they already look tattered and worn out. It's because I use them every time I go out. haha! I couldn't care less. I love them! :)

Watch out for my future travel posts! :)



  1. Hope you'd tell us what you did to fix your hair! Brazilian blowout? :)

    1. Nope! Keratin treatment only and cellophane(?) Have you seen it? :)

  2. Much love,
    "Brilliant blog <3