Saturday, April 13, 2013

FiDA Grad Show

Here's a preview of my collection - a motion editorial filmed by Aidx Paredes, Modeled by Rush Lelis

Wilson Limon ( designer of WNL) has certainly created a persuasive world of his own drawing on simple geometric lines layering it with Art Deco Architecture resulting a unique ability to make prim look seductive.
The collection is mostly created in Brocade,organza and mikado silk executed to sculptural quality , married to the austere. Dresses are crafted to celebrate women's body with unexpected peek-a-boo element. Fascinating construction is very much evident mostly in the bodice. Manipulation of darts and the marriage of different fabrics resulted into a fresh texture.The use of color to each dress was also perfectly injected and added excitement to every consumer. (Write-up by Grand Ravacio)

Can't wait to show you my first collection! See you on the runway!


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