Friday, January 11, 2013

Trend Watch: Colorful Leather Jackets

Urban Behavior red leather jacket and tights | Franco Mirabelli top and ribbon 
Wilson Limon dress used as skirt  | Bruno Magli loafers

My camera takes such crappy photos. I need to buy one of those digital cameras with interchangeable lenses. However, they're damn too expensive at around thirty thousand at best. I hate carrying around my disastrous slr, it's so heavy, big, and inconvenient. We're not going to have a truce anytime soon. 

Moving on, yes, my outfit looks very British School Girl and no, I didn't actually wear it outside - I would've been fried by the heat of the sun. I originally wore this in Vancouver and I didn't have the chance to take photos and also because my father refused to let me out of the house wearing this, so there, I recreated it.
I heard colorful leather jackets are the "in thing" since last year, I saw a few at Terranova a few days back. They were selling it for a thousand bucks if I remember it correctly. I know you may think, "Leather jacket, at this kind of weather? No freaking way!"; but hey, you can always cheat your way through it! How about trying on leatherette jackets? They're thinner than pure leather ones, pair it with your favorite top, shorts and sneakers and you're good to go! But of course, it's wiser to wear it if you're inside an air conditioned establishment, like the mall or inside the classroom.

Let me show you some of the celebs who are fans of the trend:

Mandy Moore in a blue zip-up leather jacket. Very chic niya lang! Gusto ko ito gayahin (gaya gaya).

Kate Upton. Mas napatingin ako sa Celine bag niya. hahaha But this one's nice, she's wearing the color of the year, green!

Madam Kristen Stewart in a yellow quilted leather jacket. I saw a similar one last year I didn't buy it kasi wala na akong pera that time.

LeAnn Rimes in oxblood red. Favorite!

On the runway (for boys this time):

(nagleather jacket tapos nakatsinelas- that's something I want to see. haha)

Bottega Veneta

Why don't you give colored leather jackets a try? I promise you won't look silly. 

1. When on a date or a party:  Pair it with a printed or floral dress + heels and accessories of course. 

2. When in school: Pair it with light printed jeans or jeggings. A/c rooms really help. Thank God for my classrooms.

3. When out and about with friends, eating out or shopping - wear it with cut-off shorts and any tee you want!

It's that simple. :)

Good Luck!



  1. PAAAAT!! I saw the oxblood one like LeAnn Rimes in Terranova and I've been eyeing it since forever but when I finally had the money to buy it--wala nang color in my size! Huhu /wrist but I agree!! They're a must have!

    1. Ay. Sayang! I agree, they're really versatile! :)

  2. Hi! i use a G-12 canon.. it takes nice photos like SLR's and its less expensive, smaller and lighter. got it for 15k at canon abreeza :)

  3. I like ur blog. :) Mind if i ask, where's the best place(s) to go ukay hunting here in davao city? Thank u! <3