Wednesday, January 09, 2013

First Washday of the Year & My New Year's Resolution

Urban Behavior camo top | Penshoppe jeans 
Topshop shoes and bag 

*Insert sarcastic tone* Starting the year right wearing trends from last year! haha 

Camo. Camo everywhere. 
Dainty white sneakers. Dainty white sneakers everywhere. 

But hey, I wore the color of the year -GREEN! haha 

I saw camo prints everywhere back in Vancouver, from jackets to shoes to pants to bags to hats heck, even cellphone casings have their own versions too! At first I was hesitant on trying to buy the said trend but I saw how versatile it is. Even my brother Orvi got addicted to camo, I discouraged him from buying a pair of camo pants from Topshop only 'cause I know the trend will die again soon. He didn't budge in; he bought it much to his delight. From there, I started to appreciate the print, so when I saw this camo button-down top from Urban Behavior, I grabbed it right away. Too bad they weren't selling jackets at that time, I would've purchased one otherwise.

Anyway, here's a picture of my brother and his pants. Great buy! He should really blog too though:

I hope the trend won't die soon. That's why sometimes I hate trends. You buy a very beautiful peplum dress, you go home, surf the net, happen to click on "Trends from 2012 that you need to get rid off" (or something like that), out comes "Peplum", you realize that you had just recently bought one, stick your middle fingers to the ones who gave themselves the authority to dictate what to get rid off. Suck it. 

I'm being bitter about the situation. haha Yeah, that happened to me quite obviously. :| When it comes to the latest trends, it takes so long for me to join the bandwagon. Reason? I clearly have no idea why. Most of the clothes I buy are the functional-conventional pieces that I can wear until it indulges me.

So my new year's resolution will be: to try and make-up from last year's fashion boo-boos (the horror) and take a shot out of every new fads that come out. 

Alright, I'll mobilize every inch of myself to achieve this little task of mine. Wish me luck!

Sorry for the mess. I think I need a shoe rack asap! Do you know what store sells cheap but convenient ones? :)

What I love about this top is the fabric's not too thin and not too thick so it pretty much balanced the whole day - sunny in the morning, gloomy in the afternoon, rainy in the evening. Oh, Davao, umayos ka nga! haha

Colored my hair even darker this time. :)

What do you think about camo printed apparels? :) How will you wear it?

I want to know!
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  1. I want some pants with that pattern! :(

    Join my galaxy leggings giveaway!

  2. I haven't even tried this trend and I've got a camo anorak sitting in my closet. Now that it's been raining lately in Cebu, I'm too sick to function. Hate it.

    Love your sneakers, Pat. =)

    1. Ooh, sounds interesting. I'd like to see your own version of the trend. :)

      Thank you Chyrel :)