Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quickpost: Crisp & Light

Calvin Klein button down (Mom's) | People are People jeans |Brother's cap
Aldo bag | Terranova socks | Michael Kors sneakers

Happy Holidays everyone! How's your week so far?; mine's been very productive and exhausting at the same time. I spent Christmas with our family friends here in Vancouver - which means I also got to see my friend, Bea again. (Check out her blog: ) Hooray for occasions like these. :)

So today's Boxing Day here in Canada. You know what that means right? :) Shopping + BIG DISCOUNTS = Fulfillment! My brother and I headed to Topshop and H&M first thing in the morning, and just as we had expected, there were A LOT OF PEOPLE: also taking advantage of the biggest sale day in Canada. We headed to Metrotown in the afternoon, headed straight to Zara, Aldo, and Steve Madden. They were selling their items from 30 to70 freaking percent off! Who wouldn't go berserk right? haha The downside were, I wasn't able to try and fit ANY of my purchases. People lined up before entering any major store + stores were crowded + you can literally do sit-ups while lining up for the cashier (okay, that didn't sound normal). haha I think you get the picture. This day was crazy! 

Details of my outfit during the Christmas Party yesterday. :) Bey, if you're reading, sorry for using your pretty home. :) hihi

Chuy ba tan-awon? hahaha




  1. you can wear a rainbow suited top with striped jungle green & brown pants and you'll STILL be able to pull it off. keep lookin good trish!

  2. You look so blooming, Pat! Happy Holidays! =)

    1. really? aww yey! thanks Chyrel! enjoy your Holidays as well :)