Sunday, December 23, 2012


(Mom's) Atmosphere coat | Terranova scarf and gloves |
Forever 21 jeans | UGG boots |  Aldo bag

Hi Guys! It's almost Christmas! I'm currently in Vancouver with my whole family. It's been more than a year since we were complete. I must say this Christmas will be the best. :)

So this is what I wore today, a day spent with my 3 brothers and my father (my mom rested at home). I didn't bring winter clothes at all, since I know I would just be using the clothes I left here, mom's clothes and some more shopping perhaps?  We went to Granville Island and gobbled cake pops and garlic chicken. After, we did our last Christmas shopping. It's really much more fun when you spend your holidays with them. Agree? :)

Two of my brothers : Orvi and Anton. 

And yes, I am unbelievably (haha emphasis on the word) older than them. DI obvious noh? haha

Have a Merry Christmas everybody! :)


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