Friday, December 14, 2012

All-new All Flip-Flops Releases 2013 Collection

It’s a merry and bright Christmas in Davao City, as the all-time favorite store for flip-flops releases the fresh Havaianas 2013 Collection.
An all-new All Flip-Flops opened to the public on December 8 at the Ground Floor of SM City Davao in Ecoland, Matina. Their latest collection exudes a youthful vibrancy that reminds us that this gift-giving season is for people of all ages.
The highlighted designs include various Disney characters that have become part of everyone’s happy childhood memory, the glow-in-the-dark 4 Nite pairs that never cease to awe the child in us, and the classic High design which fondly reminds us of the first time we tried to walk in mom’s high-heels.
Havaianaticos will also enjoy their shopping experience at the newly renovated store with its balanced mix of urban sleek design and splashes of fun colors.
The store blessing and the ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Margarita M. Nograles, Martish Marketing Co. (MMC) Managing Director; her husband, 1st district Davao representative Cong. Karlo Alexei B. Nograles; Pat G. Montemayor; AC Sian; and the MMC staff.
“We are thrilled to welcome the Havaianas 2013 Collection with a fresh, new store. Next year will see many innovations, and I am very excited to share that with everyone,” said Margarita Nograles.
MMC is the exclusive sub-distributor of Havaianas in South East Mindanao.
All-new AFF store ribbon-cutting ceremony. (L-R: Margarita M. Nograles, MMC Managing Director; Cong. Karlo Alexei B. Nograles; Pat G. Montemayor; and AC M. Sian)

Sleek AFF counter and slat wall accent.
Eye-catching light boxes throw a punch of colors to the sleek interior.
Witty in-store communications for product highlights.
Remember when we were kids, and everything was new and full of color and sunshine? Without a care in the world, the spirit of youth truly embodied the summer state of mind. We dreamed of visiting exotic places, going on adventures, and being princesses meeting our prince charmings. This year, the brand calls us to remember the carefree world of our childhood with the Havaianas 2013 Collection, reminding us once again that summer, like our youth, never has to end.

Turn a simple stroll into something magical with the all-new Havaianas Disney Collection! The four Babies’ styles and thirteen Kids’ styles feature the ageless and well-loved Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, the Disney Fairies, and the Disney Princesses. 

The Havaianas Disney Collection is truly an exciting marriage between two enduring icons – perfectly bringing together the signature Havaianas fun-fashion and the boundless imagination of Disney.
Don't forget to drop by the all new All Flip-Flops at the Ground Floor of SM City Davao in Ecoland, Matina. Have a Merry Christmas Havaianaticos!
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