Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Mango blazer and bag | Mags corset and gold skirt | 
Forever 21 necklace | Sm Parisian heels | 

Hello there! It's been so long! Aaaah! Forgive me, school's been pretty tough, add the fact that my personal life had been hell the last few days. Ugh. But, I can honestly say I'm fine and happy now. No BS. :)

So this is what I wore to the WAGW Launch of Davao's Young Ambassadors of Style:
The unveiling of WAGW's annual selection of Davao's fresh new faces and style-settlers, who are my friends as well (Davao's a pretty small circle) namely, Ccia Ang, Enzo Rabat, and my highschool kabarkada, Milen Aquino. Milen, if you're reading, you know how we're so excited for this project and your upcoming billboard! You guys are definitely style settlers on your own, truly deserving! :)


The event had a theme in mind, read: Holiday Chic. What better way to incorporate that than wearing this gold bandage skirt? If you would've asked months ago if I'd ever wear tight-fitting clothes like these, I would answer "No freaking way" in a heartbeat. I'm a little conservative, little lang ano ba. haha But yes, I know I lost weight so I took advantage of the situation. :)

I anticipated seeing a lot of gold, sequins and glitters during the event. In fact, I almost had the same outfit with Kryz Uy! We had the same formula: she wore a white blazer, white top, and gold shorts. I was originally planning on wearing a white blazer as well. I changed my mind the second I saw the black one. Thank God! I would be easily upstaged. haha! She's very pretty and nice in person too. :)

Anyway, I'll blog about the event as soon as I get the pictures. Watch out for it! :)



  1. Wow!!! You were able to meet Kryz Uy in person? How I wish I was able to know this event is going to happen. I badly wanted to join. You are so lucky :)

    By the way, I love your holiday chic style. You look very pretty with the lovely floral corset and the gold skirt is just to die for :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES


    1. Yes, we talked about a possible Kryz Uy Meet and Greet here. I hope that'll push through since she has a lot of readers here. The event was by invitation only - I think so only a few people knew.

      So fingers crossed! Let's hope for a Kryz UY Meet and Greet :)

      Thanks Frances! :) hihi. Paminsan minsan lang din ito :)

  2. Pat, you're so skinny!!! I don't mean to offend but skinny in a good kind of way and my gosh, sexy na kaayo ka!! I missed the Cebu event for WAGW. I was nursing a bad hangover. Goodness! But, I love the outfit! <3

  3. PAAAAT! what's your secret for the weight loss??? :D Tweet ME!

  4. wow! you look lovely. what an amazing gold skirt!