Saturday, October 06, 2012


Forever 21 top | Bauhaus belt 
Terranova jeans | Mags bag
Extreme Finds Co. bracelet | TechnoMarine watch

Hi! :)

A beautiful Sunday to everyone! Any plans for today? Well as for me, I still have no idea of what's to come today. I guess I'll just study for the whole day, it really depends on my father. We already had our father-daughter bonding yesterday, we ate at SM Lanang Premier then watched Taken 2. Everyone should watch the movie, Liam Neeson is such a bad-ass.

I have a question, what do you do when you're bored? Mundane. Unpredictable. When things get dull, I go to Youtube and watch MAD TV clips. It was a gag show MUCH MUCH MUCH better than SNL. Maybe some of you are fans of the show too, too bad Jack TV stopped airing it on television -- please have reruns of the show. I'm begging you! 

What a hopeless request. The show was already cancelled to begin with. I don't get it. They're so much funnier than SNL. Watch Mad Tv clips on Youtube guys, I swear it will get you through the day: you will find it unbelievably hard to stop laughing. haha

Anyway, here's what I wore yesterday. Another laid back look: it's been a tiresome week, forgive me. I really have no inspiration to dress up in anyone's concept of exceptional. But this is okay for me, I felt comfy for the whole day.

(I originally tied up my hair but then I looked terminally ill so I let it down eventually.)

 I played around with colors again. In the last blog post, I combined pastel colors together but this time, I wanted to swat off the usual combi by incorporating dark hues on my look. The colors don't look subdued anymore and every piece complements well with one another.


 I folded my jeans to give off a preppy vibe. Charot. haha But seriously though, folding your jeans can instantly change your whole look. So you might want to think twice before doing it.

This bag originally had a silver strap, but I had it replaced with a gold one. Gold looks more sosyal eh. haha Who doesn't love gold?


Have a blessed and wonderful week everyone! Again, watch Mad Tv! :) You will thank me later.



  1. I'd look so odd and short if I fold my jeans. Pero angayan kaayo ka,Pat. Walay Char. =)

    Happy Sunday!

    1. i look short pud, but i guess it depends sa length ng folded jeans. :) hihi thank you! Enjoy your day!