Sunday, October 14, 2012


Vintage Regatta cardigan | The Gap shirt | thrifted blue shorts
F&H Heels 

Hello! :) It's been so loong! I miss writing. 

Anyway, this one's pretty old -- not counting the cardigan so to speak. I had it with me since preschool; which clearly explains the size. I was a fat greedy kid. You can say my body changed, I can't say it dramatically did but somehow, yes.

You might ask why I haven't updated lately, it's because I have carried with me despair and anger, oh and back it up with stupidity. I think I've posted too many personal trysts here than my actual fashion commentaries. Yikes! But you see, I love writing and I guess that sets me apart. 

Here it goes, to make this easier, I fought for something I thought would benefit me, but in the end, it only caused me bruises and bumps. (You can say that's a metaphor). Honestly, I felt as though my bones were crushed and my ego was shadowed by giving up my complete trust and my life story. It isn't even worth it.

But I can say now that I am on my first step on discovering my priorities. I shouldn't have dealt with something so cold as sacrifice. But it's all over now and I hope and I REALLY DO HOPE both sides will respect at least the friendship we had. I will not and I promise to myself will not entertain any more discussions about that person, I wish this person does the same. Everything will get better sooner or later.

Okay Dokay, back to my outfit. :)


I can never get tired of anything nautical.  Red, white and blue have always been my go to color so it's only understood that nautical would somehow come up to my mind. I honestly didn't plan on posting it here because this day was just so random and the outfit- too simple.

 But I guess the colors came out nicely. Disregard my frumpy cardigan and underneath all that lies a sexy human being. haha! 

Okay when you have frumpy clothes you might want to balance it out by wearing shorter and sexier pieces as well -- like what I did here with the shorts and the wedge. Not only will it spark a contrast to your whole look but it'll make you a whole lot taller. :)

Anyway, I just want to share to you this amazing product from Green Options Organics. They gave me some of their amazing products a month ago. I have regularly been using this product above, for my eyes. Day after day, I've been noticing the change it makes. It made my eye bags less noticeable and supple. Trust me on this, you'll see it better in person. I will post the before and after pictures of my eyes once I finish this down; but while I'm still at it, visit Green Options Organics at Gaisano Mall to see for yourselves!


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  1. Love the outfit and color combination. Been a fan of red, blue, yellow. Lakas makabayan.

    Hope you're all well. Happy Sunday.