Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thank God for Washdays!

 Femme Top | Forever 21 necklace | 
Forever 21 jeans | Ardene bag 
Sm Dept. Store sandals | Technomarine watch


It's exam week for all of us! I'll make this post short and and precise since I'm in dire need of rest right now. I just finished "studying" for my Business Research and Taxation exams for tomorrow.  "Studying"-- since I mostly just stared at the notoriety of the terms. Anyway, how was your week? It's almost Friday! Yeyyy! But then again, I still should not give away myself too much; 3 exams next week! Ugh!

Well enough about my stressful week, I want to know more about yours! :) Any new discoveries this week? :)

 So this is what I wore to school yesterday. I wanted to play with pastel colors without getting too deliberate. The pants and the cheetah printed top blended well together; I guess it worked because I only added the other pastel colors through the accessories: carnation pink and rose pink. Haha (It's basically the same Pat). Have fun with colors, don't get too serious with mixing it up, it's always nice to see a cleaner look rather than a severe looking array of Crayola. Don't go overboard with colors, that's the second mistake in the book -- dressing up in clothes that are not you or far from your style dominion is the first mistake. 

To kick things up, I wore these underused sandals from Sm Dept. Store. Silver instantly adds appeal to any look, agree? :)

Yesterday was all about being casual. Don't stress yourself too much when picking your clothes, I must admit at times I do, and I end up looking worse as I've expected. Remember, always dress the way you are. :)