Friday, August 03, 2012


Here I am sitting at home half-contemplating, half-recollecting. My mind has been going on like this for the past week. I hear my conscience speaking to me and I brush it off aside. You see, I'm in my most vulnerable state right now -- resolving some issues by selection is the most grief-stricken thing ever devised by human society. In my mind, I want to curl up in my bed the whole day and yawp about it, but I can really get fidgety when it comes to these things so no, I'll go out with my friends and not worry about it. I hate this.

Rumors. Gossip. Or in our own native tongue, CHISMIS. And the occasional malicious thoughts disseminating around, filling our thoughts until none becomes the better person -- it makes you wonder. Pitiful. I can't say I'm a victim, for I have been an enabler myself, I'm no Ms. Sharon Norbury, I'd like to think I'm a Cady Heron - just in between, overcurious. I believe the Regina George population is slightly just above 18% of the gossip web. Let's just say everyone's defenseless against rumors. 

The question is how do you handle yourself when you're the unfortunate person? Resort to confrontation? Suppress all the words? Let the whole world know? Say transferring your emotions through your Facebook status or tweeting it perhaps? WHAT DO YOU DO? WHAT CAN YOU DO? A lot of questions have come seeping up to my brain right now. You may not know specifically the tryst I have been yapping about here, but I can tell you that this involves disappointments, trust and friendships. In my own reasoning, these rumors that have been pestering me for weeks have needed to be stopped, so  I had to pause an independent variable. It sucks. I hate this. 

Maybe I need a little encouragement, but in my friend Alecks's words, "Hope for the best, expect the worst" makes encouragement seem too hopeless. Whatever may happen, might happen.  All I wish is that everything will be okay. Fingers crossed*

Enough with this dramatic episode, I need to show you guys what I wore during another dressing up day of mine. Haha. I'm just so bored. 

Billabong pink top | Topshop velvet black skirt | 
| Cinderella boots | 
Sm Dept. Store belt | Janilyn flats 

No accessories yet again. I would wear this out for a day with my brothers if I were in Vancouver. But since I'm not, let's just leave this ensemble inside the premises of this blog. haha


Now to a more wearable ensemble: keep things interesting by adding a gold accent or two. Cinch your waist to show your figure. You also may add gold bracelets and a brown bag if you want. :)


1. Gossip is healthy. Gossip intensifies your imagination. Gossip may even come in its most exaggerated form, but it's always unstable in different mouths.

2. I never really have understood why people want to uproot you. Various agendum, same order of relay, I've realized that sometimes the truth doesn't linger on for long. 

3. Let's talk about the look: pink goes well with black. Other colors you may want to accentuate with: brown and gold. Trust me you'll look crisp. 

4. It's always best to think before you speak, or act. Deliberate on the possible implications and consequences. Be the better person. 

Smile. :)



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  1. think about this: nobody gossips about nobody, therefore you must be SOMEBODY... that's why they're talking about you. we can't really please everyone. and if in my case that i'm the talk of the town, i'll give them more reasons to talk about me, in a good way though.. hehehe. eventually, they'll get tired.