Wednesday, August 01, 2012

If It's Too Tight

They say, if it's too tight, don't wear it -- well in my case, it's quite the contrary. 
You know those tingling times when you get to try on a well-rested clothing of yours? You know the ones where you would just dream of wearing every single day but you can't because of unpromising circumstances (or because it really is the prettiest)? You take it out off the closet, greeted by the warmth of the fabric, your pupils dilating and when you're just about to close the buttons it suddenly gives up on you. 

It's one of the saddest stories, really. I have quite accepted the reality of my body waving goodbye to my teenage years -- long before I can process my aging. I have grown physically, emotionally and mentally; so apart from the tragic stories, one that I have said earlier, I too am so proud for having this mature mind when it comes to body issues. I sit, I contemplate, I open my mind and when it's time to eat healthily, I eat healthily -- no more sodas, no more junk foods and no more chocolates for the mean time. I will not sound like a hypocrite here, I did use the conventional methods of dieting, for example, I hit the gym (for 3 days, no it's not for me), took diet pills ( it made me feeble for days end), and used the sauna belt (it's a waste of anyone's time). Now, I have constrained myself from doing these (for now since I only succumb to the methods at the very edge of, how do I say this, uh yo-yo dieting situation.

The very reason I've come to this matter is because indeed, I have gained quite a lot since a few months ago, but hats down to me, I've never punched myself for it. Well yes, a few of my jeans have not been cooperating, as well as the shorts I'm wearing below but it just ratifies that you're growing up, and that you're no longer the same person as yesterday (quite dramatic haha). It makes me laugh how not fitting in my denim shorts made me so emotional. I should stop now. 

Mango orange cardigan | Thrifted top | 
Bazaar find shorts | Ziane Silel platforms

So  you might have already guessed which apparel I was talking about, yes it's the shorts. It pains to know that this divine denim find of mine could potentially embarrass the living hell out of me (the zipper no longer holds itself in place and a cameltoe is clearly saying hello!) I have no way taking it out of the confines of my house, lest I lose weight again.

So this is what I wore to school yesterday sans the platforms and shorts of course, instead, I wore a very loved Bauhaus jeans (which is also nearing endangerment) and an overused sandals. 

Now girls, if you want to try the neon trend make sure to have accompanying colors --colors that'll go well with neon accessories like orange for example. I incorporated it by wearing an orange cardigan and orange+blue platforms. The printed top completes the look even further. You don't want it to look too messy by splashing in some more neon colors. You still want to look presentable and effortless right? I think so too. :)


1. Not fitting in your clothes is just a minor setback. You can always have alterations, although sometimes the desired weight always comes to mind. boohoo.  Nevertheless, it's not the end. JUST DON'T WORRY YOURSELF TOO MUCH :)

2. Again, if a cameltoe is brewing, don't go out of the house please. Don't even post pictures. I'm saying this to myself too but since I love you all,  I'm still going to have to post this. Ha!

3. Let's take a breather for a moment and discuss neon. I never really knew I could wear neon so yes, you can wear this trend too, but always stick with the basic rule: DON'T OVERDO IT. 

4. Lastly, again, don't worry with weight issues too much, unless you're in dire need of shedding a few because of health problems. No one wants to look like a stick right? We are all beautiful in our own way, what matters is what you are inside. TRUE :)




  1. Great realizations! I have also experienced that when I was already working. Way back my college days,I really had this intense desire to gain weight because I was so skinny. Truly, not everybody likes being skinny. When I started working, I gained drastically that I had to change all uniforms twice within a year. Not to mention, I also changed my entire wardrobe, caused I really grew from XS to M. The only good thing I remember was earning lots from a garage sale when I sold my clothes.:)

    1. Hi Chamee!

      Same here, this is why I also love having garage sales since I'm a yo-yo dieter -- I shed a few pounds and then I gain again, then I lose a few months after. It wearies me off sometimes. Good thing your clothes were put to good use. :)

      On the other hand, I'm glad you've gained. :) It's really nice to see girls with interesting curves. More to love din. hihi. :)

  2. love this pat. and nice realizations! i've been getting hooked with the neon trend and yes, you're right. it should NEVER be overdone. :) and about the weight... i gained weight and some clothes are a little too tight already, but well, there will always be a way to fit into them, right? :)

    nice post! :D

    1. Hi Gelianne :) I know right? If there's a will, there's a way! And yes, about the neon trend, no to tackiness. Thanks for reading :)

  3. Pat love your shoes! :) Narealize ko din some of your realizations!