Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Vince silver knitted sweater | Thrifted blue skirt | People are People wedges 

Hi guys! Missed me? I hope the answer's yes because I will be posting more looks from now on. I got full time on my hands right now so the furtive art of playing dress up seems to be the only option  when I need new posts. 

Speaking of new posts, I recently had a serious conversation with my father about blogging. He always does this whenever fashion and business marketing comes to mind. I never really consulted him about blogging, since first of all, he is not in any way a fashion saint (although he has his own dapper style), second, he's not into blogging and third, I never really knew he had so much cognition about the complex, overbearing, dog-eat-dog world of fashion blogging. What he does in expertise is marketing strategy, having been a student of a top blogger's marketing guru dad ( I think he doesn't need introductions). 

I will not unwrap the sentiments during our talk but I will tell you though that he had a lot of suggestions and a few contradictions as to how I communicate with you, readers. I'm glad he's supportive of me blogging and he takes interest in what I do.


Let's pull away from all the severity of the words you have read and move on to this look:

I wore this skirt last Saturday sans the top and the heels. Instead, I wore a grey long top, tucked it in and paired it with grey sneakers. It's a tulip skirt by the way and I made it look like a bandage skirt here by pinching it at the back. You really don't need too much accessories when wearing a silver top. Naturally, I would pop on a bangle or two, but I decided not to this time and just stuck with a statement necklace. How would you wear this top?


1. The effervescent "Quality over Quantity" are the words I live by in this blog. I may not post everyday, but I am dead on target to my words. ( No more blog posts with 2-3 sentences). No more shortcuts.

2. Being a blogger unwittingly transforms you into a microscopic specimen. You will be observed, you will be judged, you will be blotched with fabricated you-know-whats. I say, type the things you want to say to a dear friend. The thing is, not everyone will like your style but you will be LOVED for your eagerness and your honesty.

3. Lastly, being a blogger doesn't entitle you to harness egotism. 

Here, I'd like to give you a smile to uplift you. hihi.




  1. i agree with your realizations!!!


    1. I'm glad you do Chamee! Thanks for dropping by :)