Tuesday, July 24, 2012



 H&M striped shirt | Cache Cache gold skirt
Sm Dept. Store bag | Converse sneakers

Hello there! Last Saturday, I had lunch with my high school barkada. It's really been a while since we all gathered and exchanged stories so that afternoon was really fun even though it was cut short, someone had to leave. Ahem Milen? Uyy. haha

So I guess the top is familiar since I wore this recently with a yellow pencil skirt. You can't blame me. Who doesn't love stripes? It does make you look a little wider but heck, it looks really clean and always classic. Anyway, I paired it with a gold skirt to keep it a little more interesting. It's a really no-brainer outfit, shirt+skirt, simple but the skirt makes the outfit pop in a subtle way. 

My beloved and pretty friends! Telly, Yownz, (me), Milen, Cheska, Angela and Mads.


1. Gold looks good with black or white or a combination of both. You know how watches are always in gold with white or black right? I guess they know their colors. :)

2. Wearing Chuck Taylors with a gold skirt is nice so as to ease up on being too dressy. 

3. When in doubt, wear a statement necklace.

4. Friends will always be there to support you and your aspirations. I'm glad I found mine. <3




  1. There's a lot of pretty girls in the city. =)

    Love wearing chucks and skirts. Love this outfit too. <3

    1. yes there are and that includes you!

      thanks Chyrel :)

  2. gorgeous!!! :) i love the metallic skirt :)