Saturday, July 21, 2012


Dorothy Perkins cream cardigan | Thrifted top | People are People green innerwear |
People are People cargo jeans | Ardene pink bag |
Charles and Keith woven sandals

So this is what I wore a month ago. I just dressed up for the part since I wasn't able to have pictures for this on that day.
I wore this to school during  the very first washday.
I wanted to go girly but not too much, so I wore cargo pants to break off the super girliness of the outfit.


 We were experimenting on poses. Sorry. haha


  1. Pink goes well with cargo. You just have to find the right stuff to pull it together. Say, a cargo shorts and a pink flowy top?
  2. When in doubt, grab a bag with colors nearest to the pantones of the prints.Your look will look effortless.
  3. I should really strive hard to pose my outfits on that day. Eh.
  4. Light cotton cardigans are lifesavers. Bring one especially in malls or in the cinema, when you'll feel extra cold.




  1. <3 the floral top and cargo pants. Happy Sunday!

  2. Where do you usually thrift shop? And can you do a skincare/foundation/make-up routine post? I saw you at school and you had really glowy/dewy skin!

    1. Hi Joanah!

      My friends and I go to San Pedro for thrift shopping. :)

      Ngaww thank you, I can do a skin care routing post for you. But I don't apply foundation in school though.

      Will keep you posted :)

  3. super love this outfit!!! :)

  4. Bags with ribbon on it is definitely girly .. like your bag! =)