Friday, July 20, 2012


Forever 21 cropped top | Customized vintage shorts | 
From Bangkok hat
From Laos bag | Primadonna sandals


I played dress up. Sue me but I like mixing and matching. :) You should do it - it will amuse you. 
There are endless possibilities in anyone's closet, believe me. :)

 So I saw this cropped top of mine from years ago ( back when cropped tops weren't the "in" thing yet), I tried pairing it with a printed pants but it didn't work. But alas! I saw this custom-made  shorts I wore not too long ago. The cropped top and the shorts blended in well. I guess different prints but with the same color family does work.

I think I won't do well with this face. haha

Realizations for this day:
  1. Print on print DOES work especially when they are in the same color family. 
  2. You can never be too thin or too fat for cropped tops. (It somehow hides your tummy, weird but yes - mind you I just ate before this)
  3.  Floral long shorts should be in everyone's closet. They look like skirts, light and breezy but they're easier to sport!
  4. Lastly, I realized that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this ensemble except in an island paradise. (Someone needs a vacation!)




  1. love the look...following u now.

    Hope o c u on my blog =)

    1. Hi i saw your looks, looking great :)

      thanks for following Gabrielle :)

  2. i love the bangles and the necklace, from where did you get them?

    fellow Davaoeña here, and i'm following your blog thru GFC. hope you can also drop by my blog. thanks! :)

    1. in Uyang! they're really cheap. 250 pesos for the gold one. less than a hundred yung orange. :)

      nice blog, Chamee :) thank you for dropping by as well