Thursday, August 09, 2012


| Celine loafers | From Hongkong glasses

How's everybody been doing? I hope everyone's safe and well-taken care of. Let's all pray for the victims of the tragic heavy rains and flooding in Luzon. I hope that this does not happen again, calling for the Aquino administration to find an efficient and effective solution to this stale problem. And of course, let us help everyone who is in indigence.

For my fellow Davaoenos, click this link for more information and hotlines for the relief operation:

Davaoenos, we should be thankful that we don't have typhoons and rain as scary and destructive as in Luzon.  The day the heavy rains down poured in Luzon, the sun was shining bright here in Davao. Again, let's not take anything for granted -- throw that piece of paper in the waste bin, use "tabo" instead for crying out loud, and recycle! Those Korean noodle cups I eat every Sunday, I turn it into penholders (since we really have a lot of pens here.) It's not so hard to try. Be innovative. Let this calamity, be a lesson for all Filipinos, we should be more cautious of our surroundings and never mistreat nature. They say, prevention is always better than cure. 


Now off to the outfit post,  I wore this yesterday during the Kadayawan Youth Festival at Abreeza Mall. My classmates were selling their products there for 3 days and from what I have observed, their businesses were sure-fire hits. I'm so proud of them!

One of my classmates selling her items there was Belay, the owner of  The In Thing Clothing. The store had every in season apparel you could think of: aztec prints, mullet skirts, floral shorts at the most affordable prices. I even bought one of her flowy tops (seen in this post), and wore it two days after.  Click this link for TINT's facebook page: The In Thing

I kept everything really unsubdivided. I was supposed to wear a statement necklace but figured that it was too tribal for this sweet look. When confronted with a printed top and lace shorts, you really don't want to spend too much time on accessories. Trust me, they will be looking at your shorts' details. This Soul Lifestyle shorts particularly are too cute to pass on. They still have it in other colors, so grab one while supplies last!


1. I learned that despite the calamity, Filipinos are only getting more optimistic about the situation. Bayanihan is unmistakeable. I love being a Filipino. 

2. I'm so proud of my entrepreneur classmates having been able to successfully showcase their products to our fellow Davaoenos. Me green with envy? Naah. The feeling of felicity overcomes envy by a million miles. I'm just so happy for them! :) 

3. Now off to the outfit, I learned that simplicity is so pretty to look at. The details of the top and the shorts were given their much needed attention. 



Photos by: Victor Felix Bongator


  1. Like Davao, Cebu's rarely flooded too. Thank God for that. And yes, the Filipino spirit is beyond amazing.

    Love the shorts and the title reminds me of that Keri Russel tv show.

    1. Glad we have the same sentiment. :)

      Thank you for dropping by Chyrel =)