Friday, August 10, 2012

Miss Daisy

I find it quite hard to explain as to why I had come up with this outfit. It was not particularly sunny the day these photos were taken (despite the photos' brightness), it was cloudy even.  Let's just say, I have more clothes on the summer side than err, for rainy days. 

Thrifted vest | Glisse dress | Soul Lifestyle belt |
Cat's eye sunglasses bought in Paris 
Charles & Keith bag | turquoise bangle bought in India 
Mags flatforms

 So why Miss Daisy you may ask? That's because the dress reminded me of  Daisy Werthan from the classic, Driving Miss Daisy, it's one of the most poignant films about friendship and racial discrimination in the society ever. You need to watch the film guys.

Well, since we're already talking about movies, this was the day I watched The Bourne Legacy, and to tell you quite frankly, I didn't get it. haha! I have never seen the previous Bourne franchise nor have read the books so I was pretty darn clueless about what Jason Bourne does or who he is ( his name was visible all throughout the film). No spoilers here, but I was more amused with the action scenes in Manila. And then it ended unexpectedly. But all in all, I recommend Filipinos to watch the film; there were comical scenes there, that only we can understand.


Now off to the outfit, I'm going to let the cat out of the bag here, the dress almost didn't fit me! It was too big, so what I did was I added a belt -- this made the dress bitty, creating an illusion. I also put on this thrifted denim vest to cover up the bulge that was forming at my back. See, there's nothing impossible if you have the thrust to resolve anything. =)


1. Summer dressing's not too late --for me. I find dresses and skirts easier to move in. Agree? 

2. One does not simply watch a movie franchise without reading/watching the first movie. 

3. There's always a way to fix things. Never underestimate the power of your brains. =)




  1. I haven't seen both movies mentioned in this post. Will add them to my bucket list.

    1. Great! I highly recommend Driving Miss Daisy :)

  2. I love the brightness of your pictures, it reminds me of camille co's pictures. :D

    1. Why thank you Jayr! Thanks to the photographer. haha