Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reader Request: Pat's Skincare Regimen (Chos!)

So a few weeks ago, I received a comment from a reader/schoolmate of mine and I became appalled and at the same time flattered of what she said:
I got back to my answer. I got confused a little since I replied,  
"Hi Joanah! My friends and I go to San Pedro for thrift shopping. :) Ngaww thank you, I can do a skin care routine post for you. But I don't apply foundation in school though. Will keep you posted"
Really Pat? The nerve to say that -- knowing you don't have skin close to perfection. Sigh. But for you my dear reader Joanah, your wish is my command. =) Insisting though, that this isn't an egotistic post. I believe everyone of you have tried some of the products I've been using. I am no skin care guru, but I'll try my best to show you all the recommended products I have.
So these are the goods I use everyday. I'm not particularly into whitening products as of now since my face is patently slightly whiter than my arms -due to all the years of obliviously washing my face with whitening products. Sigh.

In the morning: 

Pond's White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner:
Alright, we all know it's a whitening product, but I mainly use this to wipe off all the dirt trapped beneath my pores. I apply this to my face after brushing my teeth.:D

Pond's Clear Solutions Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub
Another Pond's product: note that this isn't a sponsored post. My skin is just compatible with Pond's. Ever since I've used this, my pimples never reached into their full form AND I never worry about zits since they magically disappear. Basically, I am more keen on having a clear skin than white skin. 

In the evening:

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
When I go home, I immediately grab a cotton ball and dab my face with Pond's Toner again. I use this twice a day. After, I apply Cetaphil to my face to keep my skin supple and soft as I go to sleep. I no more apply the Facial scrub since it can make your skin drier. Weirdly, the Facial scrub's effect on me is at times my skin gets oily, so I recommend you use Cetaphil to create balance to your skincare regimen. A lot of my friends use Cetaphil. :)

Once a week/ once in 2 weeks:

Lamellar Mode by Faith Cosmetics
So if you want to splurge a good deal of money for intense skincare, you may want to try Lamellar Mode. This is a high-end product by Faith Cosmetics Group, infused with their original ingredient, "Faith Fresh Collagen". Featuring the highest level  of moisture retention, this product delivers fresh collagen.  Before buying, make sure you're not allergic to collagen. I almost never use this. Haha Why? Apparently, it's for skin aging, but I recommend it for women in their late 20's. You can buy this online.

VecTeana by Faith Cosmetics
VecTeana features ion technology in nano capsules, delivering intensive skin care precisely where it's needed. This product's ingredients are outstanding in their ability to permeate deep into the skin. Thus, this ensures you of the best skin treatment - no more facials! I only use this once a week 'cause it's almost empty. Plus, it's very expensive at around 5,000 Pesos. =(  Again, I only recommend this if you want total maximum skin care to the nth level. In other words, maarte lang talaga ako. haha

You really don't need to buy all of these but I really urge you to use the first three I have mentioned. The next two products are so expensive, I think I won't buy new ones until I get a job. haha! After all, I have read somewhere that too much skin care products can actually ruin your skin. So, you might want to ease on applying too much. Stick to 1-3 brands that'll work best for your skin. :)

I hope this helped you :) 
Take care of your skin.




  1. Hi Pat! I know it's a bit personal but I just wanna know, what product do you use for your underarms? and how do you keep your underarms/armpits white? :)

    1. Hi! oh, It's okay :) My answer will be really boring, I just use regular soap and deo. Nivea body wash and Stiefel's Driclor for my deo. It's more of an anti-perspirant than a whitening deo though. My underarms don't sweat for a week with just one application - it's that strong; although, I don't highly recommend it for everyone.

      For whitening, I heard Mosbeau products are effective :)